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To our customers who plan to invest to real estate


The most attractive areas by Sentosa Land Co., Ltd / Group Companies.

Our Seamless and One Stop Service with the highest quality

By organizing the Virtual Company with our most reliable and professional group companies from our Alliance, we will provide our seamless and one stop services to our customers, exercising the organizer functions of “Mini-Trading House”.

Comparing your individual contract with respective contractors, you can expect remarkable merits in the fields of efficiency and risk management.

Our proposal of legal tax reductions plan (Action plans of cost reductions regarding tax reductions of each fiscal year as well as inheritance tax)

In case of real estate investment, it is very important to take effective measures in advance to prepare for legal tax reductions action plans (such as the cost saving plans of tax reductions of each fiscal year and inheritance tax etc.) because the investment amount involved is generally expected to be large.

English services available for foreign investors

Foreign investors can legally invest to real estates in Japan as many Japanese investors do, provided that you (as a non-residence) would establish a resident company of owning, leasing and managing your real estate. For foreign investors, we are fully prepared to provide one stop service in English (including but not limited to: preparation for establishment of a company and data inputs of accounting in Japanese) .

As we have close relationship with Japanese Mega Bank, we can coordinate businesses of foreign exchange control and opening of accounts for a resident company, whose director is even a non-resident, therefore, you can safely introduce us to your foreign business partners.

Example of Real Estate Investment Service

To our customers who have already been reviewing on using consultancy service of real estate investment
We would request you 1) to download our questionnaire form from here and fill it in blank items as much as possible, 2) to send it to Sentosa Land Co., Ltd. through e-mail format.

Please introduce a land owner(business and residence) of your acquaintances

Some of our customers do have enough cash flow of real estate investment but do not own land at this moment. They are sometimes seeking appropriate land for this purpose. We would be very much grateful if you introduce us your acquaintances who own land of business/residence and wish to sell it in the future. We are prepared to pay appropriate commissions if/when the purchase contract is materialized. For real estate business partners, we would like to discuss with you about the collaboration agreement beforehand.

To those who can kindly introduce us our potential customers that are planning to sell or utilize their own business/residential sites further
We would request you 1) to download our questionnaire form from here and fill it in blank items as much as possible, 2) to send it to Sentosa Land Co., Ltd. through e-mail format.


Corporate Brochure

Company NameSentosa Land Co., Ltd.
Headquarter AddressZip Code 352-0032 1-3-15, Shinbori, Niiza City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.
Managing DirectorYoshihiro Okada
FoundedJune16th, 2014.
CapitalYen 65 Millions
Board MemberYoshihiro Okada, Director
License Number of Real Estate CompanySaitama Prefecture(1) No.22977.
Business Coverage:Real Estate owning/leasing, Real Estate Consultancy Service, International Logistics Consultancy Service etc.
Business ConnectionDaiwa House Co., Ltd., Mitsui Repark, Major Global Beverage Company, etc.
Member AssociationMembers of Saitama Prefecture Real Estate Association and All Japan Real Estate Assurance Association.
Our BanksSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.
Contact NumberTEL:042-446-9815 FAX:042-446-9029.
Contact address (e-mail)mail



yoshihiro okada
NameYoshihiro Okada
Birth Year/MonthOctober, 1951.
Family StructureWife, Elder Daughter, Elder Son.
Home TownShichiku, Kita-ku, Kyoto City
CharacterSincere and steady. I like the fields of Creation and Planning very much.


March 1970Graduated from Murasakino Municipal High School.
March 1974Graduated from Kobe University of Commerce.
April 1974Joined in Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Co., Ltd (Currently MOL). Have been working mainly in the fields of Liner and Specialized Carrier Divisions. Experienced rich oversea career such as Sweden, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore for 18 years in all.
July 2013Retired from MOL Group.
June 2014Established Sentosa Land Co., Ltd. and assumed Managing Director position.



I have started salmon fishing in Chicago days and deep see fishing in New York days which would continue to charm me further. I am enjoying golfing with my wife. I used to relax and enjoy over Brandy in the evening. I love Japanese wine when I dine with my friends. I am taking various kinds of massage seriously to keep me in good condition. As I have suffered from stiff shoulders, I have experienced anti-aging massage in Shenzhen in my Rep days of Hong Kong which fascinated me most. I have a dream of introducing Asian massage here and I would like to challenge for a new business of massage if situation allows in the future.

Surprising Similarity

Considering my career of oversea shipping company at MOL, you may be unaware the similarity between ocean shipping and real estate business. Surprisingly, There does exist similarity of investment means and business environments surrounding Ship Owners and Real Estate Developers. Therefore, I have been able to start current real estate business very smoothly right after my retirement at MOL.

About the origin of unique Company name

My last management position at MOL Group was in Singapore. I was given a golf membership of Sentosa Country Club for business purpose, which was located on Sentosa Island near south ocean coast of Singapore Island. I liked the Club very much as it was so beautiful and challenging. For my good memory of Singapore days, I borrowed this good name and also I added “Land” to appeal to the market that this is a real estate company with the good image from “Dream Land” that brings a lot of dream to my new enterprise. Now you may be aware where you take a breath when you read my unique company name properly!

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